1. 出勤政策学生应该参加所有的课程. When a student’s absences exceed 20% of the total number of scheduled class periods in the semester or session, (或网上课程两周无电子通讯), 在课程结束时,学生可能会得到F的成绩.  A student who withdraws from a course before 60% of the course is completed will lose financial aid funds for that class.
  2. 退出政策: A student who wishes to drop a class may do so during the first week of classes (drop/add week) and no grade will be assigned.  From the second week through the Friday after midterms (by 5:00pm EST of the 5th week of classes for 在线项目 and Activity courses), the student may withdraw with a grade of “W” (withdraw) which will have no impact on the student’s grade point average (GPA).  在这之后, 直到最后一天的课程, a student may withdraw from a class and a grade of “WP” (withdraw passing) or “WF” (withdraw failing) should be assigned unless a final grade has been assigned.  学生对其注册时间表上的所有课程负全部责任.  Failure to file a withdrawal form with the 注册商 and/or failure to complete a course may result in a grade of “F.”  Students forced by illness or other hardship to drop a class after the deadline may petition for a grade of “WP” from the Provost. 

A student in the Day Campus Program who wishes to drop or withdraw from a class may obtain a Course Withdrawal Form from the 注册处 and take it to the instructor and the advisor for approval.  在线课程, a student wishing to drop or withdraw (after the drop/ad period) from a course must contact the professor and submit a withdrawal form (forms found in the 光环)到注册主任办公室.  如果不这样做,成绩为F. 走读学生在第一学期不得退出在线课程, 2, 5, or 6 after the Day Campus Program drop/add period without the written approval of the appropriate College Dean or the Provost.

  1. 学术诚信在个人和学术事务上的诚实是莱姆斯通大学生活的基石.  学生们应该凭借自己的优点和能力取得成就, 在一切事务中实行诚信, 并且绝对不要说谎, 作弊, 和偷窃.  学术不端行为, including 作弊 and plagiarism, is defined in 电子游艺平台下载’s Academic Policy in 学生手册 (在线并链接到 学术目录).  根据本政策的定义,学术不端行为会产生严重后果, 哪些适用于本课程.  There is an excellent tutorial on avoiding plagiarism on the 电子游艺平台下载 图书馆 website. 它位于这里:    http://libguides.电子游艺平台下载.edu/c.php?g=545011&p=3736407.
  2. 公平与包容: The 公平及共融办事处 is committed to assisting all students with removing barriers that could impede their personal development and academic success. 通过无障碍教育等提供的服务, 学习充实与成就计划(飞跃), SaintsFirst, 国际学生支持, 公平与包容 team members strive to empower and position students for an optimal collegiate experience. 由于身体残疾而需要帮助的学生, 精神, 或学习)或成为国际或第一代, or any other circumstance that may impact their academic performance are encouraged to contact the 公平及共融办事处 early in the semester to discuss their needs. 无障碍教育服务, 比如额外的考试时间, 零干扰测试, 和其他人, 会通过一个互动的过程来考虑吗. 任何相关文件应发送至公平与包容办公室,地址为 accessibility@电子游艺平台下载.edu 或电子游艺平台下载,1115学院博士ive, Gaffney, SC 29340. The 公平及共融办事处 is located in Fort D Suite 201 and can be reached via telephone at (864) 488-4394.
  3. 在线内容免责声明这是通知你,你可能在聊天室访问的材料, 公告板, 或非官方网页不是由莱姆斯通大学正式赞助的.  The United States Constitution rights of free speech apply to all members of our community regardless of the medium used.  莱姆斯通大学对数据不承担任何责任, 在这些论坛上表达的信息或意见.

  4. 破坏行为声明:  Disruptive behavior is any behavior that interferes with the instructor’s ability to conduct class or the students’ ability to benefit from the learning environment.  Students having emotional or 精神 disorders who may be considered disabled and who are protected under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are expected to follow the same standards of conduct as any student. 教师负责管理课堂环境.  教师 should exercise their best judgment in setting standards of conduct for the courses and take a reasonable approach in responding to classroom disruptions.

  5. 数码版权政策声明:  To effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of copyright material by users of the institution’s network, 不得不当干扰网络的教育和研究用途.  电子游艺平台下载’s policy concerning unauthorized distribution of copyright material through use of our network is annually distributed to students, 教职员工通过电子邮件.  文件共享限制, 版权的指导方针, 电脑使用政策也公布在我们的网站上: http://www.电子游艺平台下载.edu/p2pcompliance
  6. 学术支持: The 学术支持 Office provides FREE tutoring to ALL Limestone students for many subjects. Students can schedule in-person or online peer tutoring sessions with the Academic Success Center and the 写作中心 through the 上升的平台. 更多信息,请访问 学术支援网页.
  7. 第九条声明: 莱姆斯通大学致力于提供一个良好的教育和工作环境, 包括项目和活动, 不受歧视, 骚扰, 和报复.  确保遵守联邦和州的民权法律法规, and to affirm its commitment to promoting the goals of 公平ness and equity in all aspects of the educational program or activity, 大学制定了内部政策和程序,提供了一个提示, 公平, and impartial process for those involved in an allegation of discrimination or 骚扰 on the basis of protected class status, 以及报复指控.  http://www.电子游艺平台下载.edu/title-9